Dial or telephone ILAC. ILAC is an acronym of God. Ineffable and Literally Amazing Creator (ILAC). ILAC, IILAC IIOLAC or IIOULAC (see here for more acronyms) are fundamental acronyms of the One Lord God Almighty of Israel. The more letters in the acronym the more the acronym resembles a ring. The transfer of the One Lord God Almighty from Israel to Europe in the form of ILAC is the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, Nazism and the Holocaust etc. Nothing is impossible with Ismless + ism. I am exactly and literally nothing, but I have given you ILAC, The Dipped and the Holy Spirit since 2007 AD. I am Author of this existence and beyond etc. Blame me! Ismless + ism is zero religion and it means that nothing is impossible. Nothing (0) and infinity (∞) are both impossible. Nothing is lower than nothing and everything symbol.

Nothing controls everything.

African education.

Scientifically fundamental religion (SFR).

How Africa’s Ismless + ism was discovered.

Save white people from the Holocaust.


Science is not God.

African values of nothing.

Revolution of Africa’s Ismless + ism.

0 & ∞ is African, it is better.